Welcome to the Healing Tour

We wear our scars like warriors, for they are a reminder that we are alive! Pete O’Shea and Shannon Fitzpatrick have 45 years of combined experience, preaching, teaching, speaking and writing. They have come together now to form a once in a lifetime event called, “The Healing Tour”. Their two distinct and unique messages overlap seamlessly as if God put them together. And, they are going to be on tour for all of 2018 and would love to come and inspire and empower your congregation.
Pain Was My Friend is a powerful true story, thirty years in the making, of suffering, miracles, triumph, and more personally experienced by a decent, yet flawed man.Pete O’Shea tried to navigate a world filled with pain all by himself with disastrous consequences. When he had finally reached the full depths of despair, and things looked completely hopeless, he cried out for the Lord to save him.
All of us have scars. Some of those scars are just plain ugly. Some leave us disfigured. Other, however, have painful memories attached to them. This is a personal story that left painful scars. The author, through her transparency, shares her story, and how true healing can come through the blood of Jesus Christ and with the spoken Word of God.

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